Valerie Broadnax

Registered Massage Therapist of NS Canada and Representative of Alexandro Querevalú


Aloha! I would like to introduce myself as a holistic Health Practitioner. I believe in living life and practicing my health practices in balance, harmony and holistically as a whole organism, in the micros and macros.  I believe in living as a whole self - mind, body, emotion and ethereal; and as a whole self being as part of the world and universe interconnectedly. In lived experience, I have four years in Kinesiology, over 30 years of dance and over 20 years of health practitioning, including massage therapy. I have also trained with a guru/ monk healer on the Hawaiian Islands for approximately 7 years, learning about the health practices of the East. I believe in the simplicities of health in loving living and finding joy in life! On a more athletic level, including my dance years, I am an avid runner, I have ran Marathon distances in the past, including one marathon and plan to participate in a half triathlon one day, which is still a goal. I do also enjoy taking in the odd yoga or fitness class as I love to move, especially to music! I have developed some of my own style of practices and modalities in the health and MT industry with the Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi, and a structural alignment system incorporating the basic technical elements of ballet; in which I have successfully practiced these modalities helping many clients in Hawaii and US. At the moment I am building my practice here in Atlantic Canada with my Massage as an RMT, along with building the repertoire and popularity of the musician Artist of Alexandro Querevalú - to progress and expand his musical career not only to perform concerts in Atlantic Canada, but as well all of Eastern and Western Canada!


What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

I am most proud of my never giving up, my knowing when to change course and let go of the reins. As the saying goes “Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!” Of course I am always proud of my children, who always prove to me that anything can be accomplished and believe in yourself! In which leads to being proud of all my accomplishments!

What’s your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

My vision for Atlantic Canada is to see greater support in involvement within different communities, to close the gap of anyone being left in the cold and growing the aid in support for health awareness and care, especially for those who have difficulty in affording or finding resources to access personal health care. I’d also like to see increased support to single mothers/ fathers and be able to provide a greater sense of security and stress reduction to single family homes. I would also love to see an increase in support of arts reaching out to international and diverse cultural artistic talents, that I feel can heal the hearts and mend the holes in society of misunderstandings that may come about between different worlds. The arts bring a new light of living and joy for life expressions of the many beautiful talents that go beyond the reaches of physical boundaries. I love, enjoy and support all walks of arts and artists not only from my hometown but from around the world, as it is my perception that art can contribute to so many healing attributes including that of heart and mind through beautiful expressions, whether the art be through, paint, dance, music etc.

What was your greatest stage of growth? What made it a shift for you?

I find right now in the moment of my life is always the greatest stage of growth, for every moment we learn, no matter big or small is always a great accomplishment, and is not always the easiest thing to do.

What’s your favourite or most read book or podcast? Now or at each of your greatest stages of growth?

I love to continue learning on self and health matters, so I always enjoy any technical books on health and medicine, new research papers or journals and newly refined or advanced  opinions on any section of the health industry.

What’s your deepest learning from this past year? How did/will you apply it?

This may sound cliché, however, I canʼt underestimate, the importance of learning to believe in oneself and trusting one’s own instincts, reasoning and decision making!

Who’s inspired you, directly or indirectly? How have they inspired you?

Alexandro Querevalú and of course my children! 

Alexandro Querevalú, is a very unique and brilliant traditional Peruvian flautist. At first, it was his heart, soul and spiritual dedication to his music that inspired me greatly, as I can feel the life coming straight out of his music! And as I became more aware of who Alexandro is, on more of a personal level, his accomplishments and steady focus on his discipline to his music was surely almost nothing I have experienced before. He knows who he is and what his music means to him and on top of that, his own personal sacrifice on hours of discipline on practicing and playing to perfection and always one hundred percent of his life to play and share his music to all for enjoyment, is surely felt by millions around the world. Itʼs evidence of his experience, through the millions of listeners, can be read through the multitude of comments and testimonies given by listeners around the world on his YouTube and VEVO channels along with his Facebook page and through other social media. Alexandro and his music has inspired me to be more of who I am and inspired me to be able to brave a more outwardly expression of myself and my passion which is in empowering myself and others through the healing arts, and to gain strength in being one true self and self expression! This was quite a powerful awakening for me! My children empower me every day, as I watch them grow they continue to empower and grow my heart in ways I didnʼt know existed, as well as show me strength in places I could not see strength, through this has strengthened me and my life and give that knowing that anything is possible and can be done and no matter what love always exists! My love always exists!

What would you have done differently?

Believe in myself, 100 percent!

What are the principles you live by?

1) Life begins when we step into ourselves

2) Life is lived when we experience all we can, not just walk through the steps

3) There is no bad or good, all is needed to grow, there are no mistakes only learning

4) Risks are only perceptions, risks only exists when we look at limitations, once we realize the unlimited power of the creative universe we can be assured all is possible


Creative Entrepreneur, RMT Wholistic Health Practitioner, Canadian Representative of Alexandro Querevalú, Lover of the performing arts, lover of live dance, lover of theatre, lover of music, animal lover, nature lover, ballet enthusiast