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Lori Westbury is an international Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor, Seminar Leader, Workshop Facilitator, co-owner of The Hub Downtown in Sydney, Cape Breton and is featured on Insight Timer. Certified from the Mclean Meditation Institute in Sedona Arizona offering contemporary meditation classes designed for our modern life, coaching classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced meditation students with specialized workshops for children and teens. “I believe Meditation is for everyone. If your a business professional, a busy parent, or someone looking for more peace - meditation can enhance your life” Lori’s classes are infused with an everyone is welcome mantra and a reminder - “No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” Lori graduated from the Warriors At Ease program allowing for specialized training to work with individuals who have suffered trauma and PTSD. Lori's vision is to create a sense of balance and deeper connection on your life journey

When Lori shares her personal story she reminds us that life gives us many challenges. The first half of her life she recalls living with great sadness believing she had no value. When her son William was born she wanted to give him the best of who she was so she set out on a path to discover her true nature. Quickly she began to peel back the layers of many untrue stories she created about herself. Over time she uncovered her value and has now dedicated her life to helping people who also feel lost. She has a deep understanding that regardless of the mistakes you have made in the past you can learn to forgive yourself.


What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

Working with our Veteran community has been the greatest professional and personal sharing. I have a unique ability to meet people exactly as they are. Our working together is not about change as much as it is about discovery. We begin with complete acceptance and work on uncovering strengths they all have access to like forgiveness, compassion, and wisdom.

I have moments in my work when a person opens their eyes after a class and feels peace in their heart. I don’t think there is anything else in the world I would rather do with my time here.

What’s your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of collaboration. My husband and I operate a community based wellbeing space in downtown Sydney called The Hub Downtown. The space gives other entrepreneurs the ability to share their talents without the hassle of trying to start their own business. We work side by side with many men and women across the island and I believe this business model is the way of the future. Share your talents and wisdom. Know your professional strengths and don’t be afraid to see what you need to work on. Working as a team allows us to pull the strengths of many people together.

I believe the east coast houses some of the most talented people on a global scale. We need to rewrite the story that we are failing. We need to take a brave step and help each other in our successes. Coming together, supporting, and sharing is our business future.

What was your greatest stage of growth? What made it a shift for you?

I make growth part of my everyday. Personal discovery has become second nature, a moment to moment awareness that I pay close attention to. It takes an act of bravery to see your faults but when we understand we all have them, we can begin to work from a place of compassion and understanding. And I take perfection off the table. I won’t ever be there, I make mistakes. But I choose to see them and learn from them as best I can. A new venture is a small podcast called “Walks With Lori”. It’s a raw and uncut walk in nature with my two dogs Myla and Lola. This is the time when I process and learn. Every so often if I am working through something I talk about it on the podcast. My very first episode I ended up talking about The Mona Lisa made out of macaroni. Sometimes we just have to follow our heart and do the best we can

What’s your favourite or most read book or podcast? Now or at each of your greatest stages of growth?

Eckhardt Tolle was the greatest source of self discovery for me. His books took me on a journey that I have never been able to recreate. Everything I knew was challenged and I expanded with each page. When I feel myself needing a reminder I go back to his work. I go in stages. I believe true knowledge comes from experience. If I read something new and it moves me I like to stay with that for awhile. I think we can become so thirsty for the next big message that we can forget to really work with it before moving on to the next thing.

What’s your deepest learning from this past year? How did/will you apply it?

My deepest learning this past year has been about resiliency. So much emphasis is put on taking the first step, but in business we need to meet challenges as an opportunity. Every challenge you walk through might leave you feeling a little bruised but over time you become more resilient. I used to shy away from hard conversations or challenges but this year I had a mentor that changed that for me. We worked closely together and I had the opportunity to witness her direct and authentic nature. Learn from those who are around you. Everyone has something to share if you watch closely enough.

Who’s inspired you, directly or indirectly? How have they inspired you?

Our community. The people. We have something here that is so unique and so inspiring. There is absolutely no question in my mind that the east coast is moving in a very positive direction. I see it every single day. Our young people don’t view our communities as just a place to move away from. They see opportunities. We need to harness their open creativity, give them chances and mentor them.

What would you have done differently?

Absolutely nothing. Every single mistake I have made, every wrong turn has lead me here. That’s the truth of it. Nothing you do is ever wasted. Even if it was a fail in the eyes of our society you did so much more than you may realize. You tried. Trying allows you to get to the end of life with a sense of... that was one heck of a ride. And it is never too late to try.

What are the principles you live by?

Everyone has value. Everyone. Someone might have a different reference point than you, different traumas, life experiences but under all of it we are more similar than we can imagine.


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