Alison Butler

Owner/Creator, Petit Mail

Alison Butler is an entrepreneur, full time non-profit employee, mom, wife and friend. She owns Petit Mail - snail mail subscriptions for preschoolers and early readers and believes strongly in supporting and collaborating with other entrepreneurs. Alison loves to travel, and lives in Newfoundland and Labrador with her husband and two children.


Petit Mail is a bright, fun, affordable snail mail story postcard subscription for kids ages three to early reader. Each month, children receive an illustrated story in the mail for 3, 6 or 12 months.

I started looking for a preschool subscription when my daughter NJ was two and a half - she loved walking with me to our community mailbox. As a lover of snail mail, I started looking for the “perfect” snail mail subscription for her to enjoy. I wanted something bright and fun, with beautiful illustrations, a short story, a way for me to connect and engage with her. Most importantly, I wanted something affordable, without large shipping fees.

I couldn’t find quite the right thing, and because of this, I started the work to bring my idea to life.

I have always been very entrepreneurial and full of ideas. I love turning ideas into something tangible and meaningful. As a mom of 2, I struggle every day with spending "enough" time with them, being present in their lives, but also pursuing my own interests and being my own person. Petit Mail is a way for me to bring those two worlds together, a business and motherhood, and inspire other parents to find those special moments with their children though snail mail, reading and creative play.

Right now I'm learning to simplify all aspects of my life, including work and to focus in on the things that are a priority to myself and my family. I love listening to The Minimalists podcast for inspiration.

I pour my heart and soul into my business and I dream of Petit Mail being a household name among parents in Atlantic Canada in the next 5 years. I think there is so much potential for us to shop from and support each other in our region.


Entrepreneur, creative, mother, passionate, dedicated, inspired