Dolores Whalen

Senior Advisor, LuminUltra

I am proud to say that I will be 70 years old this year and I am happy that I have been able to live a very full professional and personal life so far. I became a teacher when I graduated from Teacher’s College in 1968 and then received my Teaching Degree from STU in 1970. I taught mostly Art and Math in several schools in Fredericton for 30+ years and my last two were at Nashwaaksis Jr High and Leo Hayes High School. I enjoyed teaching so much, but I decided to retire in 2001 when both of my parent’s health took a bad turn. Then I was invited by my husband, Phil, to become part of his new company LuminUltra Technologies Ltd in 2013. He said that he needed my organizational skills at the company and I have been there ever since. I was the Office Manager and HR Director up until 2 1/2 years ago and now I am Senior Advisor. I am very proud of my son Patrick who took over the Company when Phil passed away and he continues to grow this company! So, I have had 2 major careers and I still really enjoy working. I am a nurturer by nature and I love to help others in a lot of ways. I taught for many summers on the English Language Program at UNB. I have done a lot of volunteer work in my community by serving on many organizing committees and Boards.

What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

The proudest moment for me professionally was when I completed the LMI Leadership For Women Course in the spring of 2016, led by Kathy Watt. It had been 40+ years since I had been in school and I had no idea how involved this course would be. It was a very rewarding experience and it has helped me immensely in many recent situations in both my professional and private life!

What was your greatest stage of growth?

There have been a few stages of growth for me and I would have to say the first one would have to be when I became a Mother. I have 3 wonderful grown children who helped me to become the person that I am today! The second would be growing as a Teacher to many young people who needed a lot of help and guidance in their lives. They too had a lot of influence on who I am today. And the third would have to be when my Husband passed away in 2009 and I found myself alone and now had to make all decisions by myself, whether they be big or small. And this is definitely the greatest one!

What's your deepest learning from this past year? How did/will you apply it?

I have learned a lot in this past I seem to do every year! My deepest learning from this past year is that every day is a gift and to make the most of every situation. Smile and enjoy as much as you can!

Who's inspired you, directly or indirectly? How have they inspired you?

I have been insired by many people on my journey through life. I have always wanted to do my best and I know that I first learned this from my parents. I have always been a determined person and I work hard to do the best job that I can do with whatever task I am presented! Other people have indirectly inspired me by always taking note how others deal with situations.

What would you have done differently?

I honestly don’t think that I would have chosen to do anything differently. I am very happy with what I have accomplished in my life so far. I know that I have made some mistakes along the way, but this is an excellent way to learn!

What were your priorities and how did they help you overcome some of the struggles you've faced?

One of my main priorities has always been, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I always stressed this to the thousands of children that I taught and I had this banner on the front of my desk at school. This always helps me when I am dealing with people whether they be students, employees, family, close friends or acquaintances. I also admit when I have made mistakes or that I am wrong. I live by these principles.

How have you recovered from fractured professional relationships? 

I haven’t had many fractured professional relationships because I always try to listen carefully and take my time coming to conclusions. It seems to be in my nature to do this and as I age I have become much more patient and understanding.


Mother, Animal Lover, Advisor, HR, Teacher, Leader, Volunteer, Golfer, Knitter

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