Heather Acker

Co-Owner of H2C Online, Co-Owner of ConnexionWorks, Co-Owner of The District

Entrepreneur and advocate for community, Heather is a champion for providing inclusivity and support for individuals in business. In the last six years, she has co-founded three companies that all actively support her vision, as well as give back to the community in multiple capacities.

Heather co-founded H2C, an online digital media marketing company, where her vision and determination is making a difference as a leader. She is also the co-founder ConnexionWorks, a collaborative work environment in the uptown core of Saint John, and to add, she is co-founder of a local “feet on the ground” community paper called The DISTRICT.

She is active in the Saint John business community, and encourages others to engage in new business ventures.  Heather’s life is focused on be kind to others and come together to help one another, helping others succeed is a Win...Win for her, with exuberance and passion and a pound of enthusiasm, she excels on connecting individuals and working towards the greater good. Anyone in Heather’s path naturally becomes involved in something bigger than themselves, and they too become a passionate doer!

Being from a family of entrepreneurs, Heather is a true Maritimer and once you meet her you feel like a lifelong friend.


What are you most proud of professionally?

Helping others turn their dreams into reality.

What's your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

My vision for Atlantic Canada is to be booming and thriving with trade opportunities, and Atlantic Canada will be the center of entrepreneurial growth.

What was your greatest stage of growth?  What made it a shift for you? 

Opening our facility called ConnexionWorks , a place where small to medium-sized business could flourish and grow from the support of others in the same situation as themselves.

What's your favourite or most read book or podcast?

@GaryVee his energy is infectious I may not always agree with his statements but he certainly make you want to move on an idea quickly.

What's your deepest learning from this past year?

Get control of your numbers in business, if you do not focus on the numbers you can easily slip and this will create a landslide when you least expect it.

What are the principles you live by?

A principle I live by is family and supportive friends are always the most important in life, value and take time with the people you love.

How have you recovered from fractured professional relationships?  What uncomfortable truths have you learned about yourself in those experiences)?

Always be truthful, and under-promise and over-deliver is a good rule to live by.


Entrepreneur, Community Connector, Advocate

Heather Acker