Jay Rawding

Owner and Instructor of Highland Bow & Arrow.

5 years ago, I felt as though I was not in control of my career choices and that the decisions I was making were because I had no other choice. In Nova Scotia, we are relentlessly reminded of the fact that there are few opportunities for good-paying jobs in our own province and that many of us will have to move on to find success. I always valued the jobs I had so much because of this mentality, and that eventually led me to feeling fearful that if I didn’t excel in my roles, I may not find another, equal-paying role to replace it in this province. I let fear dictate my career choices.

4 years ago, I gave away the vast majority of my belongings and moved to the Cabot Trail. I managed a resort for just over a year, got involved with my community, lived in some VERY simple shacks, and suddenly, I am forming Highland Bow & Arrow and having one of the busiest years in a decade for freelance graphic design and photography. On the North Shore of the Cabot Trail where I barely have an internet connection (and CERTAINLY no cell service), somehow my clientele has become stronger than the 6 years I operated in Halifax.

What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

I am proud to show other young people that living and working in a beautiful, rural place like Cape Breton is possible. We can let fear dictate our choices, or not.

I may be slightly more proud that over 60% of my clientele at the archery range is made up of young girls and women of many ages. :D

What’s your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

For Atlantic Canada, my vision would be that people of my generation start filling more roles in our government and begin the influence that is necessary to change how we do business in the Maritimes. Making the environment a priority and letting it change how business is done, while providing world class, year-round tourism opportunities, is where I hope Nova Scotia goes.


Entrepreneur, Archer, Archery Coach, Mentor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Nature-loving introvert.

Jay Rawding