Lisa Holyoke Walsh

Science Department Lead (Supplemental Position of Responsibility - SPR), Leo Hayes High School 

What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

2016 Stem Educator of the Year in NB was an amazing honour. Science Education has been a passion of mine for over 15 years and to be recognized for that was extremely meaningful. I have taught at LHHS, worked with many pre-service teachers through the years, taught at UNB and in Trinidad. Each of these opportunities have allowed me to share my passion for science education with others. By inspiring other educators, we can work towards motivating young people to participate and love STEM related opportunities and careers - which are greatly needed in our region.

What's your deepest learning from this past year? How did/will you apply it?

My deepest learning has been to love and learn each day without taking things for granted. My 44-year old sister has been battling brain cancer for over three years and when I see how hard she fights and how strong she is, it really helps me put life’s challenges in perspective. Life is short - we need to embrace every aspect of it and learn from it - the good and the bad. There are little lessons wrapped in every experience we encounter as long as we can keep our eyes open.

Who's inspired you, directly or indirectly? How have they inspired you?

My sister - see above!


Science Educator, SPR, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Dog lover

Lisa Holyoke Walsh