Denisa Prdova

Process and Business Improvement Consultant


Denisa Prdova is a Certified Project Management Professional PMP® with over 17 years of experience in an international business environment that she gained by working for IBM. Experienced in supply chain operations with focus on process and business improvements. Client oriented, attentive to detail, with exceptional organizational skills Denisa has a track record of managing projects and programs of various size and scale.

Denisa is originally from Europe, Slovakia and has immigrated to Atlantic Canada - Saint John, New Brunswick - about 1 year ago in 2018. She speaks fluent English and German and would like to visit every Canadian province before she decides where she wants to settle down.

With a Degree in Economics and Business Management, Denisa started her new career in Canada in the economic development area working for The Varanda Network as a Business and Process Improvement Specialist.

With sales environment insight and consultancy skills, Denisa is now helping companies assess their business plans, projects and strategies as well as advises them on the right course of action related to expansion into international markets, business development and their funding strategy.


What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

On my 17 years in IBM and on passing the PMP certification in 2014. Working for an international company provided me with endless opportunities to meet people from all around the world, to travel, have easy access to education and opportunities for professional growth.

Seeing the company to transform from selling Hardware to delivering customer solutions was an amazing experience. Witnessing changes in an organizational approach, processes and management systems was fascinating but also frightening. Being part of this change definitely helped me to grow professionally and I learned to better navigate in a world where things are very dynamic. Expecting and embracing change just become part of daily life.

What’s your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

Being a newcomer in Atlantic Canada I wish that the world would discover this region for what it truly is. The mix of British, Scottish, Gaelic and French customs created a unique people and to me it has been an amazing experience that I was able to start my new life on both a personal and professional note in this region.

Economically, I strongly believe that Atlantic Canada built strong trade ties around the world and will not only profit from harvesting, transforming and selling natural resources but will slowly become a leader in other cutting edge sectors such as ocean technology, aerospace and defence, biotechnology and clean and renewable energy.

I believe in unity and that we should always talk about our commonalities and not differences and I wish this approach for both levels of government - federal and provincial. I see the biggest opportunity currently in continued cooperation between all Atlantic Canadian provinces and the federal government and commonly addressing and resolving issues around immigration, middle class job creation and persistent skills gaps.

What’s your deepest learning from this past year?

The power of networking.

It’s a very powerful tool in a business world. I have discovered that just meeting people and getting introductions is only part of the process. It’s about discovery. It’s about looking for others that you have something in common with and beginning to build a relationship.

So to me, networking has become about building meaningful connections for the long term and this is an attitude I will definitely apply going forward.

What would you have done differently?

My past year in a new country as an immigrant has been extraordinary, so I would not change anything, just maybe to start networking and building relationships a bit sooner.

However, all decisions that I have made in life lead me to fulfilling my biggest dream which was to relocate to a foreign country so I guess I have done everything correctly.


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