Lisette Jones

Harmonious Workplace Development Expert

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Lisette Jones from ThinkSmart Training & Consulting has a unique and inspiring approach which has resulted in collaboratively transforming workplaces across Nova Scotia. Through interactive, relevant, and customized training she has helped shape their teams into healthy, prosperous, forward-thinking groups.

Her background includes:

- Experience working with more than 70 Nova Scotia businesses.

- About twenty years of involvement in the field of adult education, from group and one-on-one instruction in workplaces to the creation of materials for use with adult learners.

- Ten years experience in project coordination and research.

- Certified Coach Practitioner trained by the Certified Coaches Federation.

- Workplace Education Instructor trained through the Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia (AWENS) and Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

- Organizational Needs Assessment Consultant trained by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

- Has a Bachelor of Integrated Studies with a minor in Adult Education through University of New Brunswick.

- Leadership certificate through Renaissance College.

- Education in human services, journalism, leadership, marketing, and Human Resources.

- Board Member of the Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia (AWENS).

- Life and work skills workshop facilitator.

- Experienced small business owner.

Lisette shares this story with us:

The other day I was leaving a classroom and was chatting with one of my colleagues. We talked about how what we did was such a huge part of our life's purpose and our identity. ThinkSmart Training & Consulting has become such a huge part of my life, and I know I am a much better person because of it. My title is harmonious workplace development expert and my passion is helping leaders be the best they can be. I hear stories that make you cry, stories that make you laugh, stories that inspire, and stories that hurt your heart. The bottom line is that I am striving for people's workplace stories to be beautiful. Through my "Smart" Manager's Masterclass, workplace education programs, coaching sessions, workshops, I am moving that direction one person at a time.


What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

Every time I see someone smile because of something I helped them achieve.

What’s your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

I am a cheerleader for the millennials, and my vision is for Atlantic Canada to fully embrace their talents and knowledge so that we can grow vibrant workplaces and communities.

What was your greatest stage of growth? What made it a shift for you?

I worked with a business coach last summer, and she helped me obtain clarity about my passions and strengths. Every year my business grows more and more, and I think I am getting better at identifying where I can make the biggest impact.

What’s your favourite or most read book or podcast? Now or at each of your greatest stages of growth?

Oh boy, I have a bookcase full of books and don't have enough time in the day to list my favorites! There are some amazing books in the world!

What’s your deepest learning from this past year? How did/will you apply it?

This perhaps is not a lesson from the past year, but it is one I learned since the beginning of my business. Trust is the basis of everything I do. It is the first thing I need to be mindful of when I enter every new (and existing) relationship. And be a good listener. You can learn lots.

Who’s inspired you, directly or indirectly? How have they inspired you?

Again, I have so many people who have inspired me that it is difficult to create a short list. It would include people who believed in me before I did, and all my wonderful, supportive, brilliant colleagues across the province. We rock!

What would you have done differently?

I don't think I would have done anything differently because we learn through our mistakes and hardships.

What are the principles you live by?

Be honest, do what you say you will do, truly care about your clients, be dependable and make people feel like you have their back (and have it too!), listen well, don't be afraid to show your vulnerability, and remember a smile is beautiful and we are responsible for the energy we bring in a room.


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