Whitly Theriault

Before the age of 16, Whitly was a high school dropout, pregnant and was in an abusive relationship with a man 13-years older. After finding her inner power and strength, she turned her life around, got a degree in marketing, started multiple businesses and started a women’s network. Through her journey, she was able to learn and craft her message and now shares her light in the world. She is now on a mission to help women find and share their light with the world by building a business and life they love!

When she isn’t busy helping others, she is out seeking adventures with her two kids, spending time with her family and enjoying every moment with her friends.


It was the summer of 2010 and the love of my life and our beautiful daughter were about to embark on a life-changing journey to a big city! We packed everything up and said goodbye to our family, friends and small town. I had gone through many changes over those last few years, but this change was different. It was a change for self-renewal, opportunity and hope! I was feeling nervous but so excited because after everything that had happened, the future seemed bright.

We were living in Toronto, Ontario for a few months and Christmas was just around the corner. I was ecstatic that my sister was coming to spend the holidays with us! I hadn’t seen my family in months and I was really missing home. I’ll never forget how excited my two-year old reacted when she saw her aunt walk through the door! You would have thought it was Santa, himself! We all spent every moment together catching up and just enjoying each other’s company and for the first time in a long time, I felt joy.

One evening as we were talking and laughing, I remember glancing over and seeing my daughter’s father take the last bit of money I had from my purse. I said nothing. He turned to me to tell me he was going out and that he’d be back. I nodded, feeling relief that he was leaving the apartment.

Later that evening, I was awoken by the sound of yelling on the other side of our front door. I knew he was high and drunk again. I was paralyzed with fear, but for the first time, I found the courage and grabbed my phone. I still remember the adrenaline going through me as I hid by the bathroom sink telling the 911 dispatcher our address. In those few short moments, which had felt like hours – I sat asking myself - How did I get here? What happened to the strong, joyful and vibrant Whitly I once knew? I forgot who I was. I forgot how to live. I forgot what normal was like. I was stuck and I was lost. By this time, he had the door smashed in and he was now in the apartment.

Two things happened that night. I let go of an abusive and toxic relationship and I let go of that lost person who held onto it for far too long. That night, I made a promise to myself that I would do anything and everything in my power to make better choices, become a better person and live a life that was worth living for me and my daughter.

Before the age of 16, I was a high school dropout, pregnant and I was in an abusive relationship with a man 13 years older than me. Most of my neighborhood were either selling drugs, doing drugs or in jail because of drugs. Statistically, I should be one of those three but I’m standing here today to tell you - I am not a statistic. Not because I am special or lucky, but because I chose to have better story, chose to have the courage to do so and learned that faith will always guide you even in the darkest of times.

My story may differ from your story. We all walk a different path along our journey through life but I’m here to share with you that no matter what your story is, YOU are the author. YOU get to choose the plot, YOU get to choose the characters and YOU get to choose your ending.

After feeling a strong calling of helping women find their power to live their best life, the idea of SCIPLE was born. SCIPLE is a safe and supportive community for women who want to share their message with the world. My mission is to share my story, my lessons and my gifts with as many women around the globe to inspire and empower others to do the same!

Our minds are more powerful than society tells us. I am here to tell you that you are powerful. YOU can achieve anything. YOU can be a change-maker in the world. YOU can leave a legacy that will live on...but it starts with YOU. It starts with a choice. Will you choose to hide your light? Or will you choose to share YOUR story, YOUR lessons and YOUR gifts to light someone else's way?


What's your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years?

My vision for Atlantic Canada is for us to step outside of the box, put our ideas into action and see more entrepreneurs rise up!

What was your greatest stage of growth?  What made it a shift for you? 

My biggest stage of growth would be when I started to follow my passion for SCIPLE. It challenged me to learn, step outside of my comfort zone and discover things about myself that I never knew! 

What's your deepest learning from this past year?

Listen and trust myself. Nobody knows you better than you!

What would you have done differently?

Not let fear hold me back and started younger!

What motivated you to make the choices you've made?

When you have passion - you will find a way! You will find things within yourself you never knew existed  


Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Mother, Adventurer & Prankster!


Whitly Theriault