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Inspired by Amplify

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Kayla Wilcox

I received great news today and wanted to share it because the amazing Amplify East project has, in part, paved the way to this great news. I've been accepted into a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology, a program that prior to a few months ago, I did not feel I was smart enough to be enrolled in or that I could make the time for. I told those doubting voices to take a hike! I'm going for it! 

Every profile I read gives me strength and inspires me more than I can say. The women featured on Amplify: East are choosing to embrace opportunities and tackle challenges that arise head on. They know there will be good days and bad — they put themselves out there regardless and have accomplished a lot as a result. They bank on their drive and resilience. I highly doubt I'm the only one who has made a positive life change inspired by the network Amplify is building.

-- August 3, 2018